5 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers for Games

There are specific attributes one must look for while choosing dedicated server provider for games. The most sought after qualities of a dedicated server hosting for gaming are uninterrupted availability, optimum bandwidth, and enough disk space to name just a few.

In addition to these basic features a dedicated server should be a high performance server and must be backed by exceptional uptime. It should also be able to deliver seamless service to clients in remote as well as local regions.

Key characteristics of Game servers

Hosting service providers that facilitate renting of dedicated servers for the purpose of gaming are referred to as gaming services. Customers need to pay the hosting charges for subscribing to these services on monthly basis.

It should be noted that a dedicated server is usually preferred for the purpose of gaming because of its ability to support uninterrupted gaming activities with excellent bandwidth capacity. These servers also enable a large number of players to enjoy gaming concurrently.

In short, a server with high bandwidth and uptime is a fundamental requirement for gaming activities. In addition to this, an ideal server for games should be capable of complying with different operating systems. Majority of dedicated servers for games have been designed to run on Linux as well as Windows operating systems.

Another aspect of a right dedicated server for games is the speed of its operations since it needs to facilitate number of concurrent players. Many service providers make sure that there is a single dedicated server for a particular type of game in order to prevent overloading or crashing of servers.

We provide the list of top five dedicated server hosting providers for games.

MineCraft Servers

MineCraft has been a highly sought after dedicated server host with its exceptional technical support for its clients of dedicated hosting. It is also highly appreciated for reliable uptime and optimum bandwidth provisioning.


Ctrls is a relatively new entrant into gaming. However it is having top tiered data centers in strategic places. This is an important feature for supporting gaming activities across a large geographical area.


CloudOYE is a multi-faceted provider with proven ability of supporting gaming clients with its premium quality hosting and high performance dedicated servers. CloudOYE has wide array of dedicated hosting plans for catering to wide range of users. It is also known to provide incessant network connectivity and premium bandwidth support for gamers across the globe.


You can count on BlueHost for a broad spectrum of dedicated server hosting plans for supporting gaming activities. It has affordable and simple hosting plans to match requirements of common gaming clients.


Go4Hosting is an established and reputed provider of dedicated servers for games. In addition to its high quality dedicated servers with premium and branded specifications, it offers SLA based guarantee of 99.99 percent availability to support highly demanding gaming activities.

In conclusion

In terms of reliability of uptime and bandwidth availability, we feel that Minecraft Servers should feature on top of the list. The providers are the most trustworthy dedicated server hosts for managed dedicated server hosting for games.

In addition to these, you should also checkout CtrlS and BlueHost for getting the right support of high performance gaming.


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