Best 5 Affordable Joomla Hosting Provider in India

Hunting for the best Joomla Hosting providers in India? We have come with a list of few amazing web hosts for Joomla hosting. They are considered to be the best Joomla hosting in India.

Joomal Hosting

We sense you are developing a new Joomla website and want it to host with a reliable service provider, picking which is not an easy task. It involves much knowledge and research as you won’t risk tossing the success of your website with a randomly selected Joomla hosting provider. The host plays a pivotal role in the overall success of your business in today’s IT age.

Listed below are web host picked after a comprehensive research:

ComputeHost: ComputeHost tops the list because of its dedicated resources set aside for WordPress and Joomla hosting, along with its competitive pricing. It offers a range of plans, but we would suggest, to begin with, a basic plan instead of premium one straight away. ComputeHost claims to speed-up your website by as much as 20X faster. ComputeHost is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

InMotion: InMotion has a powerful IT infrastructure for supporting Joomla hosting. By running MySQL locally, it can make your Joomla-based website by multi-folds. It database caching has also been fine-tweaked for an increased SQL query speed. Mostly suitable for medium and large scale businesses, InMotion is little expensive than ComputeHost.

A2Hosting: This is another great choice for Joomla hosting in India, especially for those who are just getting their feet wet. It’s SwiftCache Site Accelerator feature enables it to offer faster web page loading speeds with unlimited disk storage space.

SiteGround: It is an awarded web host for the best Joomla hosting for its state-of-the-art services. Whether your need is to relocate Joomla site or starting with a new website, it has everything to you would need from the best Joomla hosting provider.

HostGator: It a big name in the hosting ecosphere. Having years of experience, HostGator is equally suitable for business and personal project. With all three plans it offers, you can get unlimited disk storage, premium bandwidth, a user-friendly control panel, email accounts, and much more depending on the plan you pick.

GreenGeeks: Whatever your need may be, GreenGeeks have an array of Joomla hosting plans that provide reliable, secure and ultra-fast hosting to meet your every Joomla hosting needs. It offers unlimited disk storage space, premium bandwidth and round the clock technical support.

The Bottom Line

It is evident that all of the aforementioned web hosts are great for Joomla hosting that speed up website speeds significantly, it is the pricing that parts them. Cost plays a pivotal role in almost every deal, but in business, I believe it is the most crucial factor that affects decisions. ComputeHost is the most affordable amongst all without compromising the service quality.

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