Best 5 Cloud CDN Providers In India

There is a clear and unambiguous shift towards the cloud among companies looking for enhanced security of their business-critical data. Organizations across various business sectors are shifting to the cloud to store their data securely. However, there are other reasons besides security for companies to make this move. The decision is also influenced by economy as output and performance can be substantially enhanced without having to invest in additional IT resources. With the cloud, they can even use their current resources for managing key business areas more efficiently.

To maximize the benefits of cloud hosting, it is imperative to choose the right cloud CDN provider. With the number of service providers in this domain increasing rapidly, you could face some challenges in locating the best one from the large field, especially if you are using the cloud for the first time. We have made the job simpler for you by identifying the top five players in the cloud CDN domain in India.

Cloud CDN Providers In India


Go4hosting makes use of the best available technology to deliver all your files and applications to the intended users quickly and accurately. They employ cutting edge solutions for fastest delivery of data to websites with heavy traffic density. Go4hosting has servers that are designed to enhance the process of your critical business applications for improved turnaround time. The top-ranked CDN provider specializes in delivering content at lightning speed. Regular files of large data volumes as well as video files are delivered seamlessly. The company offers a host of plans that are cost-effective and can be tweaked to match your business demands.


BigRock has been consistently making it to the list of top Cloud CDN providers in India because of their superior technology and service. Their cloud CDN service is preferred by many organizations because of features like instant scaling and faster delivery of content to websites regardless of the size and nature of files and documents. There are fail-safe mechanisms in place that ensure security of data at the highest level. Data mirroring, intuitive dashboard, integrated caching and resource monitoring are the key benefits that you can enjoy when you choose BigRock as your cloud CDN provider.


Cloud CDN hosting from BlueHost has been hailed by experts as well as customers as one of the best available in the industry. The company scores heavily in the areas of server reliability, features and user-friendliness. The pricing is also competitive and you can be sure of seamless and smooth performance thanks to the excellent technical support work that their team delivers. There are a number of cloud storage plans to choose from such as the Starter, Performance and Business Pro. The last-mentioned is ideal for businesses on the growth curve and ready to take off.


CloudOYE makes it to the top 5 list by delivering consistently on performance, reliability and pricing. Their advanced servers are designed to deliver data in record time. Some of the highlighting features of Cloud CDN service from CloudOYE are low latency assurance, super speed data transfer and affordable pricing. They deliver applications and videos across more than 170 locations globally.


HostGator assures faster load times as it makes use of low-density servers and high quality hardware. Their performance is further enhanced with the multiple caching layers. You can manage your website content better with their amazing features and impeccable support.

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