Best 5 Online Backup Service Provider in 2017


The advent of the Internet and its large-scale reach has resulted into a huge amount of data generation, the majority of which is being produced by people using various social media sites. About 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated per day, a study says. Managing and storing such a gigantic data in users’ in-house servers is a tedious task. And the most important thing is – are they full proof? Should businesses rely on their in-house servers for data security in case a natural calamity strike?

In fact, servers placed in businesses’ premises are not safe. They are prone to the natural calamities. And the most important factor is the CAPEX involved in building in-premise datacenters. You’ll require a dedicated IT team for continuous monitoring, maintenance, and management of a large IT infrastructure. These factors created the path for the growth of online backup/ storage practices.

What Exactly is the Online Backup Services?

Online data backup or data storage, or Cloud data storage, is actually a modern-day practice of storing data off-site rather than keeping in businesses in-premise servers. In traditional practice, data is saved in an HDD or a server connected to a local network. The most advantageous feature that an online backup gives is the flexibility of accessing data from around the world at any time. Moreover, data backed up online is more secure than that of stored in businesses’ in-house servers.

Why Online Backup?

The practice of backing up data online is the need of the hour for enterprises working on computers. But determining which service provider is the best for your needs is an intricate element for the overall growth of your business. Sometimes, these complexities stop business owners to embrace online backup. They are reluctant as they think their data may be lost, hacked, or misused.

But this is not the case with proven online backup service providers. In order to choose the best online backup provider, we have performed a comprehensive analysis of the services offered by various providers, while keeping reliability, agility, affordability, and security in consideration.

Best 5 online backup service provider

Now, you are well aware of the various benefits of online backup of your data. What comes thereafter is choosing the best online backup service provider that meets your requirements under your budget. It is also important to see the services do not dent your budget. With the number of service providers floated in the market offering different alluring benefits, it becomes inevitable for business to analyze providers and their services carefully while keeping prices in mind. To help you out, we have analyzed the things and enlisted the best 5 online backup service providers on which you can trust. Here’s the list:

  1. Google Cloud Storage
  2. DataBaGG
  3. ComputeHost
  4. AT&T
  5. Amazon Web Services

These are pioneers in the industry. The couple of them has very big names as they are subsidiaries of world’s leading IT giants. But judging them on our afore mentioned criteria and underlying factors, I would recommend my readers to choose DataBaGG. Services similar to the world leaders, DataBaGG offers a competitive pricing. Supported by solid customer care, and multiple ultra-modern data centers dispersed across the different geographical locations, it offers unmatched services.

DataBaGG uses cutting-edge technologies and always endeavors to embraces the latest innovations in the industry. We have recommended you DataBaGG not just because it is the most cost-efficient, but for its state-of-the-art services.

At the same time, we also advise you to create a local backup of your data as well, for an additional precautionary measure. One more benefit of copying your data to your local server is that retrieving data from local drives is always faster than getting it from online backup.

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