Best 5 Windows VPS Hosting Providers

Businesses can manage their website and applications more efficiently if they run their systems using Windows VPS hosting. VPS or virtual private server is one of the most popular hosting systems as it comes with many features similar to the high-end and advanced dedicated server hosting service but minus the high pricing.

VPS hosting offers high flexibility, scalability and access to resources. As it can exist in a virtual state, VPS hosting can be augmented quickly and effortlessly. This works best for growing companies that are not sure of their traffic demands. Windows VPS hosting is a great way of ensuring success for your hosting procedures as it adapts time-tested technologies that are regularly updated.

Quite obviously, Windows VPS systems work best with other Microsoft products. This helps address all concerns related to data transfer in and out of the virtual server and other tasks. For enterprises comfortable with Windows-based systems, Windows VPS hosting can be the perfect choice.

We have identified the top 5 Windows VPS hosting services for your convenience. Here are the names:


Windows VPS hosting from GoDaddy is recommended by experts for its speed and reliability. The service is designed to take care of web applications that are growing at a fast pace. GoDaddy gives you full root access for better use of applications that can be customized to match the special operational requirements of your business. High availability is another major USP of this service.


Go4hosting is one of the leading Windows VPS hosting services that make our top 5 list rather effortlessly on the strength of their powerful features. The service assures high class performance, offers full SSH access that allows users to upload, install, and configure the software applications best suited to run their business smoothly. Businesses using Go4hostig Windows VPS hosting can benefit from guaranteed resources and round the clock technical support. The Tier3 data center provides the technology needed for seamless performance.


Windows VPS hosting from BigRock is a hit among companies that prefer Windows technology to run their business systems. BigRock stands apart because of its robust infrastructure, advanced storage facilities, superior 24/7 support rendered by qualified professionals, and a string of powerful add-ons designed to boost performance. You can enjoy high bandwidth, CPU, RAM, HDD with high-end packages.


BlueHost is a reliable name in server hosting and preferred by leading companies for their quality and standard of services. You can choose from a variety of VPS hosting plans that include Windows VPS services. BlueHost hosting solutions come with a great deal of flexibility and scalability and can be tweaked suitably to match the unique needs of your business. You can choose from their affordable plans as well as premium packages that comes packed with many business-friendly features and add-ons. The user interface has undergone a change now and is easy to use. The customer support is impressive too.


I2K2 is a good choice for those who are looking for Windows VPS hosting solutions that come with a bevy of features and assure great value for money. The pricing is affordable and the plans ate features-rich that allow you to manage your server with the freedom and flexibility you desire. You can choose from a number of managed and unmanaged Windows VPS hosting plans.

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