Best 5 Cloud Hosting Providers in India


Cloud hosting is the most preferred hosting service according to experts as it offers users many benefits which they are unlikely to enjoy with other types of hosting. Cloud computing makes it easy for users to access all types of applications using the Internet. It is estimated that within the next few years, most of the web-based business will be using some form of cloud computing or service.

Cloud-Hosting-IndiaCloud computing is a developing technology that is being continually upgraded. Newer software solutions are being released to users on a regular basis which is not the case with server software systems purchased from the market. Another key reason why cloud is emerging as the favorite of online businesses is that it can deliver more with less. It is possible to reduce the use of servers, staff members and software costs without affecting the IT capabilities of an organization with cloud computing solutions.

Cloud hosting is an affordable way of running your server when compared to traditional hosting solutions. The only cost incurred by users is on server and infrastructure. As cloud hosting solutions are flexible, resources can be drawn according to demand at specific instances. In cloud computing, computing capacity purchased does not sit idle as in traditional server hosting solutions. Ready availability of cloud computing solutions is the other huge advantage of using cloud based hosting services.

However, to enjoy the whole range of benefits associated with cloud computing, you must choose the best cloud hosting provider. With more and more hosting services adding cloud to their bouquet of offerings, it is becoming increasingly difficult for potential users to choose the best cloud computing service for their business needs.

We are providing our well-researched list of the top 5 cloud computing services based on key performance parameters. This list can help you make the right move.


Go4hosting is the clear and undisputed leader when it comes to cloud computing. The company serves the cloud hosting demands of some of the top organizations across the globe including leading Fortune 500 companies. Go4hosting offers superior Tier III infrastructure that guarantees maximum uptime. You can enjoy high visibility and thus improve business prospects significantly with cloud computing services from Go4hosting. Go4hosting offers the entire range of cloud hosting models including public, private, community and hybrid. They also offer a wide range of hosting plans. You can choose a model and plan that best fits your hosting needs and that too at an affordable price.


Rackspace is a reputed name in cloud computing and used by some of the big names in the IT industry across the globe for managing their cloud systems efficiently. The company specializes in offering managed cloud computing services using the leading technologies and cloud hosting features. 24/7 support guarantees seamless performance. Technical issues get immediate attention through their fanatical support system. They have a team of IT experts in their customer services and support team to help you choose the best cloud technologies that fit your hosting needs more than adequately.


ComputeHost ranks high among cloud hosting services as it offers a better hosting experience in three key areas – scalability, security and pricing. The world class Tier III data centers, leading edge equipment and top of the line features like temperature control devices, surveillance cameras, biometric entry, liberal quantum of rack space, foolproof backup systems and unwavering power supply, ComputeHost clearly outperforms many others in terms of performance and user-experience. Round the clock support is delivered on all days of the year by a dedicated support team. All plans are competitively priced too.


CloudOYE is another big name in cloud computing that inspires confidence and trust. With their advanced infrastructure, stringent security systems and faster service, CloudOYE is the clear choice of companies looking for a cloud computing service that offers overall efficiency in key areas of operations. The hypervisors are powered by Dual Intel Hexa Core Xeon processors while NetApp drives the excellent storage facilities. CloudOYE makes use of the brilliant and flawless OnApp architecture to ensure complete redundancy. Network and other IT resources from CloudOYE come with a wide range of choices. CloudOYE offers 99.95% network uptime and high quality technical support delivered by a robust and well experienced team of experts.


DialWebHosting is one of the top-ranked cloud hosting services that has raced ahead of others in this competitive field on the strength of their powerful features like fastest provisioning, user-friendly business operation features and better scalability. You can get the whole range of hosting solutions for boosting your hosting experience and for enjoying advanced cloud computing solutions at competitive prices. The fully customizable and flexible cloud hosting services are designed to enhance the cloud hosting experiences of companies of all sizes across diverse industry sectors.

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