Best Cloud Hosting Services For Small Businesses

The global cloud computing industry is growing at a galloping pace which indicates pretty clearly that many businesses now prefer the cloud for their hosting and computing requirements. In a revelation that could come as a surprise for many, many small businesses too are joining the cloud bandwagon which is contrary to the popular view that the cloud is apt only for big and established businesses. There is enough evidence on the ground that cloud computing can help small businesses too and in multiple ways.

However, small companies planning the migration to the cloud are often faced with the dilemma of which cloud hosting service to choose for managing their business website. With so many players already in the field and many more in the queue, waiting to offer their services, making the right choice of cloud computing solution for your small business could be a daunting task. We have identified the best cloud hosting services for small businesses to make your job of choosing the right one easy.

Cloud Hosting Services


If you are looking for a cloud server hosting service that’s highly efficient and easily scalable at all levels – from set up to billing – the best choice is GoDaddy. The popular global brand name in cloud server hosting has an API that offers in-app documentation or easy control panel functionality to put you in full control of server operations. Solid state drives power the servers that ensure improved performance across the board. Customized billing mean you pay only for resources used and nothing more.


CloudOYE is the clear and undisputed leader when it comes to providing quality cloud hosting solutions to small and medium businesses. Their data centers are designed for next-generation infrastructure needs and also come with the most stringent security measures. The servers are super-fast and the service is remarkably efficient across all fields. Users can use their range of flexible network, storage and IT resources options to drive their business ahead.


BigRock is another major player in the cloud computing industry and a favorite of companies looking for a simple, hassle-free server hosting service that runs on leading edge technologies. They are offering a wide range of plans including some basic ones that can easily fit within the limited budget of small and growing businesses. These plans are rich in resources and features and allow businesses to run at their optimum efficiency and capability.


When it comes to cloud computing, BlueHost is a clear favorite among small companies. Low priced cloud plans are available for the convenience of startups and small businesses. The support offered by BlueHost is among the best in cloud hosting business. Fully managed cloud server hosting is also available at a reasonable price. Security and support are the other two key areas where BlueHost does not compromise. You can be sure your data remains fully secured at all times.


ComputeHost makes it to the best five-list because of its unmatched features-rich service. You can enjoy unlimited scalability for your fledgling business and ensure that there is no dearth of resources when you need them to meet unexpected demands on your system. The stringent security network is another major plus point. The hosting environment is monitored by qualified tech experts 24/7. There is no need to deal with any extra or hidden charges when you choose ComputeHost as your cloud server host as the billing is transparent.

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