Best Cloud Hosting for Start Ups

It is a myth that only big businesses can use cloud hosting services. Small and medium businesses and even startups can use cloud hosting solutions to run their nascent business. Many beginners are going straight to the cloud instead of exploring other hosting options as they are buoyed by the success of others. If you are a startup looking for quality cloud hosting service within your budget, these are your best options.

Best Cloud Hosting


GoDaddy is the first choice of startups when it comes to cloud server hosting facilities as their plan comes with a host of friendly features designed to make life simple for you. The leading server host offers a powerful API and control panel that’s simple to use. The scalable service matches up to your needs with billing being customized to actual usage and nothing more. The service also comes with 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee which is a must-have for startups to establish their reputation as a reliable enterprise.


Cloud server hosting from Go4hosting is in demand among startups and small businesses as they offer cheap hosting solutions without compromising on the quality of service. Go4hosting cloud servers are designed to put you in absolute control of operations and come with much-desired features like hourly billing and secure delivery of content. The cost-efficient hosting service is known for its high flexibility and scalability. The system is easy to install, operate, manage and maintain. Other features of Go4hosting cloud server hosting solutions that can work to the benefit of startup businesses are N+1 redundancy, availability of best quality, branded hardware and IT resources and 24/7 monitoring. Plans can be upgraded or downgraded according to the changing needs of your business.


BigRock is one of the reliable and experienced cloud server hosts with a large clientele comprising of established as well as startup businesses. The cloud server hosting plans come with enough resources to give your business a decent start. You can keep adding resources easily without having to deal with billing surprises at the end of the month. The safety and protection of your data is ensured by data mirroring while the intuitive dashboard makes it easy for you to track performance of your website in terms of tracking traffic, load speed and reach. Automated failover and instant scaling also helps improve website performance.


BlueHost has emerged as a leading server hosting company with a large number of startups preferring their service because of the low cost factor and impressive array of features. BlueHost provides round the clock support on all 365 days of the year through a dedicated team of tech experts and a convenient monthly billing format. Data mirroring, integrated caching and resource monitoring make this service one of the best for those seeking world class cloud servers. The intuitive dashboard puts you in full control of server operations.


Pi is one of the most advanced cloud server hosting services that’s trusted by startup and established businesses alike for its robust and path-breaking server technology and superior support systems. The features offered by Pi along with their cloud hosting plans are among the most competitively priced in the industry. The powerful and well-planned infrastructure from this popular cloud server host comes with the guarantee of high security of data and seamless availability. The pricing is on the higher side but that’s a price startups have to pay if they need premium quality technology to drive their business ahead.

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