Best Cloud VPS Hosting Provider in India

VPS hosting has caught with the trend because it provides the advantages of a dedicated hosting solution at affordable price. This hosting solution provides virtualised compartments within a single machine server where you can install software of your choice whenever you want. VPS is actually a middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is best suited for growing small businesses who want to have more control on server resources and at the same time want enhanced security for data.

VPS is a good starter package for businesses who are looking for maximum control of server resources. More and more businesses are opting Virtual Private Server because they are getting a feel of the dedicated hosting environment and that’s too at a far less price. When a business is small, fund crunch and unavailability of proper manpower are the main pain points. To get rid of such problems, they can go for semi-managed or fully managed VPS hosting solution. In India too this service has become extremely popular among the users because of its features such as more affordable than dedicated hosting plan, easy scalability, more control over server resources than shared hosting, and many more.

Cloud VPS Hosting Provider

Now, let’s check some of the best cloud VPS hosting providers in India –

1- Go4hosting VPS Hosting Solution

It is an affordable hosting solution that provides you with maximum uptime. This hosting solution of Go4hosting is a perfect choice for SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises), which not only reduces expenses related to the IT but also provides higher security levels, and enhanced privacy and control on server resources so that operational efficiency can be maximised. You can choose from managed as well as unmanaged hosting solution. Most important specialties of Go4hosting VPS are SLA guaranteed 99.95% uptime, business benefits, facility of quick deployment as well as free set-up, high network connectivity and availability of premium bandwidth, complete root access, robust firewall, 24×7 technical support, and many more.

2- Rackspace VPS

Rackspace’s Virtual cloud Servers are not only reliable but also high performing ones, which allows businesses to grow as well as scale businesses in an easy and quick manner. Their customer and technical support remains available 24×7 throughout the year. It is OpenStack that powers virtual cloud servers, which in fact a purely API-driven cloud. The features offered by them include easy-to-use Control Panel, round-the-clock cloud support service by learned and experienced engineers, enhanced reliability and security. Best features of Rackspace’s VPS include reliability, security, hybrid capability, global availability, scale on demand, flexible options, and many more.

3- CloudOYE VPS Hosting Solution

VPS server hosting of CloudOYE is surely one of the best cloud VPS hosting services. CloudOYE gives you the freedom to manage the virtualised server and customised tools too. Main benefits of this hosting solution include high bandwidth, proactive management of server, dual power back-up facility with N+1 systems, low latency interconnects, low latency interconnects, and others.

4- SoftLayer

This VPS hosting service provider gives it customers enough flexibility, best in-class power equipment, and high end automation, and many more. Specialty of these VPSs is that they are hosted on public cloud, giving you the benefits of clouds.

5- HostGator

What makes HostGator’s VPS so special is the availability of high end features and that’s too in affordable price. Important features of this service provider include dedicated control on server resources with high degree of scalability. Other features include flexible software options, advanced hardware, fully managed support, and round the clock (award winning) technical and customer care support facilities.

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