Best Dedicated Server Providers for Bulk Email Hosting

Best Dedicated Server Providers for Bulk Email Hosting

A growing enterprise will eventually have to find ways to deal with the challenges of handling the growing number of business emails. The best solution according to hosting experts is to use the services of a dedicated server provider specializing in bulk email hosting.

Bulk email refers to emails that are sent out in large numbers at the same time. With the help of a reputed dedicated email server, your job can become easier. Dedicated servers makes management of bulk mailing campaigns easy and also guarantees fastest delivery. Running email campaigns using dedicated servers can add to the overall effectiveness of the campaign. However, it is important that you choose the right dedicated server provider for your organization.

We have shortlisted the top five dedicated servers, ranked on the basis of their effectiveness on key performance parameters.

Go4hosting is a name synonymous with quality and sophisticated dedicated server hosting systems that makes website and applications management super easy and effortless. When it comes to bulk email management, Go4hosting puts others way behind on several key performance parameters. You can enjoy dedicated IP addresses, domains, sub-domains and email accounts. Besides, Go4hosting also offers high quality validation tools for reducing email bounces and campaign scheduling facilities.

Rackspace dedicated bulk email hosting service is designed to enhance user convenience. The service comes with a broad choice of the best email and productivity solutions. Rackspace stands apart from others with its highly robust Fanatical Support. They have a team of email and productivity specialists for deploying and managing bulk emails the right way for your business through customized solutions.

With their network of high quality dedicated servers that serves the business needs of enterprises across the globe, CloudOYE is clearly quite ahead of others in the race for supremacy. The hosting service offers dedicated server hosting solutions with bulk email hosting for companies of all sizes and across various sectors of business. CloudOYE specializes in offering tailored email hosting services that meets the exact requirements of clients. Thousands of emails can be dispatched in one click. On-demand IP rotation setup, Tier III data center facilities and high security are the other key features of CloudOYE bulk email hosting service.

SoftLayer is one of the leaders in dedicated bulk email hosting services and is known for their dynamic and intelligent hosting solutions. SoftLayer email delivery service is highly scalable and can be integrated into applications and services on their hosting platform. It is built on the SendGrid platform and is capable of delivering any number of emails at the fastest speed. The support is good and so is the pricing.

HostGator is a reliable name in web hosting and has been making waves in dedicated bulk hosting in recent years. There are many email hosting plans to choose from. Companies can choose services based on their emailing needs and size. HostGator has a robust anti-spam measure in place and is a highly secure bulk email hosting service.

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