Best Email Migration Service Provider in India

There are instances when your business may need a provider for shifting your email hosting environment. Transfer of critical data from one host to another may be a tough proposition. So, to cater to flexible business needs, it is important to sign up with the best email migration service providers in India.

Go4hosting: Go4hosting makes it super easy for clients to migrate their data. Besides documents, you can also transfer complex data like attachments and embedded images. You can also migrate the emails from any email server at a chosen speed. There will be a team of experts to oversee the migration process to make sure it is conducted smoothly. So, businesses can easily transfer their notes, tasks, calendars and contacts and benefit from real-time notifications through a powerful migration process. There are many user-friendly tools to aid this process and make sure that email migration is hassle-free and smooth.

Email Migration Service

CtrlS: CtrlS also offer email migration services as part of its business email hosting solutions. This is backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure. Whether your company needs Zimbra email hosting or Microsoft Exchange servers, CtrlS can arrange it for you. You can decide whether you need a virtualized solution or a dedicated server for emails and you will be provided with the best email solutions. The company also offers hosted Exchange and other email platforms; you will be given capable and experienced teams to oversee the maintenance, administration and routine updates. Their email services will never go down because they guarantee a very high uptime of 99.95%.

Sify: When you sign up with Sify email hosting solutions, you will enjoy email migration services, authenticated SMTP, a user-friendly control panel to manage groups of users, additional mailboxes for reasonable rates, round-the-clock support etc. You will also be provided with robust spam protection, virus protection, email authentication and anti-phishing measures.

Rackbank: Rackbank is known for offering email migration services to enterprises amongst its bulk email hosting solutions. Sending very high volume of emails become hard for businesses and email hosting services. You will need dedicated email servers for this. This will ensure the best delivery rates. When you sign up with Rackbank hosting plans, you can get spam protection, unlimited POP3 accounts, unlimited IMAP support, mail-forwarding and auto-responders, great delivery rates and round-the-clock supports.

BigRock: This web hosting provider in India is known for offering professional and reliable email hosting solutions at affordable rates. When you sign up with them, you will need to pay only for features you need. Their email hosting solutions come with an intuitive and sleek design and built-in spam filters. This ensures better mobility and email access for clients. You can even enjoy their money-back guarantee.

You will be provided with %GB storage for business email hosting on their servers and you do not have to worry about loss of emails. They guarantee a high uptime and greater redundancy to avoid data loss situations. Whether it is email migration services or maintaining comprehensive lists of contacts and sharing calendars, you will get them all at BigRock. The web host also guarantees round-the-clock technical supports for clients through chats, phone calls and emails.

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