Best Five Free Cloud Server Demo Providers in India

So you have been hearing about the cloud for quite some time now and really tempted to go for it but still have some apprehensions regarding its value to your business. The best way to put your doubts to rest is to test the cloud server before you commit to it. This can be done by using the free cloud server demo that many cloud server hosting providers offer to potential clients.


When it comes to choosing a service provider for offering free cloud server demo, Go4hosting is the best by any yardsticks. You can enjoy all their features and unlimited access to them as well as root access with the server demo. You can run a check on all the features and claims as well as the technological advantages that Go4hosting claims to offer with their cloud server hosting services. You will learn how your increasing workload can be managed with ease by moving to the cloud. The support team of qualified and experienced professionals at Go4hosting also helps you understand the technical aspects of the cloud server solutions.


BlueHost is another preferred hosting solution among organizations and individuals looking for the best cloud server to securely store and manage their data. BlueHost is a reputed name in the cloud server hosting industry and known for their commitment to allow potential clients to check out all the features and tech tools for free during the demo. There are no commitments to be made for checking out the demo or any obligations to be agreed to. In terms of performance too, BlueHost cloud servers stand apart on several counts.


HostGator is a reputed name in cloud server solutions and they allow you to check all the features of their server at no cost absolutely through their cloud server demo. You can take the demo check to understand how the various features work. HostGator offers a series of features including integrated caching, intuitive dashboard and data mirroring. You can also test their critical features such as automated failover and cPanel before making the all-important decision of choosing HostGator as your cloud server host. They are one of the leading experts in the hosting industry and have a well-experienced technical support team to help you understand how the cloud will work for your hosting needs.


CloudOYE offers free cloud server demo for customers looking to make the transition to the cloud. The company ranks among one of the leading cloud server hosting services in India and has a large clientele in India and other parts of the world as well. You can request CloudOYE for a free demo of their cloud server solutions and actually experience the benefits of their key features for your organization. You can call their dedicated numbers or email them to schedule a demo.


CtrlS offers a whole range of cloud server hosting solutions that can help your business do better in several critical areas of operations. You can check out their features for free by requesting a free demo where they will demonstrate the salient features of their cloud server technology.

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