Best SMTP Server Provider in India

Sending and receiving email is a vital aspect of running any business, irrespective of its size or sector.  The application layer protocol named as SMTP is an important facilitator that transmits as well as distributes business critical emails via the medium of Internet.

You will find SMTP to be standard attribute of all hosting plans. However, you need to look for a seamless webmail access with a reputed email client and in case of SMTP service for bulk e-mailing you should execute your email plans with the host in the initial stages.

Ideal SMTP service provider should offer an optimum message size for outgoing email communications. This should be further backed by unrestricted storage space for business emails and an assurance for configuring your chosen email client.

There is a plethora of SMTP service providers and therefore one needs to be careful while selecting the right option. In this article we would look at the best SMTP server providers in India to help you refine your search.

SMTP Server Provider in India


GoDaddy is backed by global data centers for blazing fast page loading speeds and supports SMTP hosting with 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. Users can avail a whopping 10 GB space for email storage and best in class virus and spam filters for outstanding mail security with SMTP service plans of GoDaddy. You can enjoy seamless compatibility with Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, or Apple Mail to name a few.


Trust CloudOYE for executing email hosting software as it helps your site with fast page loading speeds to match the responsiveness and speed of your business website. CloudOYE supports and protects your database by offering enterprise class SMTP services and email servers. Industry leading infrastructure of CloudOYE is backed by six zone security systems for assured email protection.


BIGROCK is one of the top webhosting and domain name registration providers and empowers your email hosting with enterprise grade Dell hardware. You can setup your email functionality in less than sixty seconds with BIGROCK and avail supreme accessibility as well as mobility for assured business growth. Business email by BIGROCK helps you pay only for what you need with a thirty day money back guarantee.


Bluehost guarantees a resourceful SMTP service with its business class email hosting service for small businesses and startups. Users can avail ample space of 5 GB per account and the price for five accounts is as low as Rs 250/- per month. Users can get access to a state of the art backup infrastructure for safeguarding mission critical emails. Your inbox is protected from cyber threats with advanced anti spam and anti-virus technology. Bluehost email and SMTP services can be seamlessly accessed from modern devices on the go.


ComputeHost is a highly reliable email hosting provider in India as it offers business class email hosting solutions that are designed to improve efficiency of any enterprise across different industry verticals. All data centers of ComputeHost are backed by N+1 redundancy for assured business availability and continuity. ComputeHost provides a highly intuitive interface to facilitate easy and hassle free business communications. Whether you need a customized or standard email environment for your business, ComputeHost has you covered. Your email functionality is setup, deployed, and customized in record time for streamlining business communications. ComputeHost is also known for transparent pricing and uninterrupted email server connectivity.

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