Five Best Cloud Load Balancer Providers for Seamless Website Performance

Load balancing is the most proven and time-tested way of making sure that your website is performing to its optimum capacity in relation with the location of your potential visitors. The resource of load balancing enables companies to distribute workloads according to the traffic loads. Secondly, the right vendor must be focused on your best interests and offer dependable and round the clock service. We provide a fresh list of the best cloud load balancer providers for your perusal.


Go4hosting clearly deserves to be among the top and the best cloud load balancer providers in India as their services are designed for seamless management of workload performance by preventing overload. The redundant and efficient cloud load balancers provided by Go4hosting facilitate management of a myriad of cloud servers no matter where they have been positioned. Calculation of bandwidth is based on outgoing pricing model and customers need not pay for internal or incoming bandwidth consumption. Go4hosting offers a large spectrum of top-tiered data centers that are committed to excellent uptime. Moreover, they have highly professional technical support teams to resolve issues with faster turnaround.


You may come across load balancing solutions provided by CtrlS while searching for the best cloud load balancer providers. They guarantee a zero downtime load balancing service for enhanced availability. Many enterprises choose CtrlS for seamless serving of applications to customers in spite of high traffic or any other event that may cause disturbances in site availability. Their load balancing services are backed by availability of Tier4 data centers across multiple locations in India. services CtrlS is also expanding its data center base across India for greater quality of web hosting and enhanced availability of its services across the continent.

Best Cloud Load Balancer Providers


CloudOYE has been providing reliable cloud services to clients across the globe, thanks to its long array of cloud solutions that are focused on high availability and assured redundancy. It is one of the best cloud load balancer providers owing to number of factors including availability of global load balancing services. These are backe

d by a number of backup data centers that work round the clock for making your applications incessantly available with intelligent routing technologies that are focused on mitigation of latency. CloudOYE is also a highly respected provider of cloud solutions, thanks to its wide network of cloud servers that is rated among the top 5 cloud service providers.


Load balancing is at the core of cloud services offered by MicroHosting. You can expect an entirely automated resource for load balancing the performance of your web venture during load spikes or other significant events. Moreover, clients can look forward to a useful and expert consulting on different aspects including load balancing and clustering among others. MicroHosting has a place among the best cloud load balancer providers due to its highly scalable and seamlessly available services for even distribution of workloads.


BIGROCK is one of the leading service providers in the domain of web hosting. It is also listed as one among the best cloud load balancer providers for excellent availability of applications and websites. Key attributes of its services can be listed as 30 day money-back assurance, availability of a dedicated support team, and free domain hosting with free access to email services.

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