Top 5 Best Business Cloud Storage Provider in India

Cloud storage is popularly called online data storage and is the most advanced method for storing electronic data with third party providers. With the help of business cloud storage solutions, information can be stored, viewed, accessed by clients across the Internet. The client enterprises will pay for this storage depending on a pay-per-use basis.

The following are the best business cloud storage providers in India:

1- Go4hosting: Go4hosting is known for its excellent cloud storage facilities for businesses, both in India and outside. When you sign up for Go4hosting plans, you can enjoy high flexibility and scalability. The company enforces robust security measures to ensure that business cloud storage remains secure and user-friendly. The biggest drawback of using traditional storage methods like HDDs or pen drives is that these are vulnerable to data loss. They cannot be shared when you are on the go. But Go4hosting will let you place unlimited data in their cloud so that it safe and durable. They offer clients a faster and more reliable, secure user-experience without charging them too much for their operational costs. You can count on Go4hosting for coherent business connectivity because of their N+1 redundancy. They offer highly scalable infrastructure which can cater to growing business needs. Go4hosting will also provide high-end hardware, carrier neutrality, round-the-clock supports, anti-virus detection measures and instant upgrades.

Business Cloud Storage Provide

2- CtrlS: At CtrlS, you can get the best solutions for business data storage. It is possible to protect your data from corruption or accidental deletion, lost devices and hardware malfunctions through single clicks. They have created a user-friendly online backup service which is intuitive and easy. So, clients can use these on their own and they do not need to hire IT personnel or system administrators to perform cloud storage for their businesses.

3- CloudOYE: This cloud storage company in India lets businesses reap the benefits of their advanced features. Clients can store critical data without having to spend money on buying additional dedicated storage hardware. Businesses can therefore lower costs and enjoy quality storage solutions. Besides, CloudOYE also offers robust data protection and reduces downtime for enterprises. CloudOYE solutions blend perfectly with the best networking and storage solutions to give unmatched storage for your data. They have useful index and search features, global storage congregation and high data accessibility.

4- MicroHost: This cloud hosting provider offers affordable monthly packages for data storage for businesses. You can also avail of their excellent web hosting and email hosting solutions. You can rely on round-the-clock tech supports from them and a high uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

5- BigRock: With their business cloud storage options, your documents and files can be stored securely with the most advanced mechanisms. You can choose between limited and unlimited storage plans from this provider at affordable prices. Your web pages can be delivered at very fast speeds, combining intuitiveness of the control panel and cloud computing power to guarantee a high uptime and enhanced user-experience. BigRock will offer site resource needs instantly to make your business grow smoothly.  You can also get high data-availability as mirrored data copies are distributed automatically without data getting lost or misplaced in the process.

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