Top 5 ERP Cloud Providers in India

ERP on cloud refers to an approach which uses cloud computing services and platforms to implement ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning. The main idea behind signing up with a cloud ERP provider in India is to help a business change it employs and pay for IT. More and more businesses are shifting to ERP on cloud these days. In many situations, the cloud is turning out to be quite successful in doing away with the high upfront costs and make implementation of ERP on cloud quite simple. Moving ERP to the cloud helps companies streamline their infrastructure for IT and lowers their operational costs.

The cloud-based ERP is distinct from the traditional ERP system. These are now set up on third party servers and they are delivered through a cloud computing model unlike conventional ERP which were installed inside the organization on in-house servers. Businesses can choose either in-house or cloud-based ERP solutions. The latter option is popular as it involves reduced costs, faster deployments and simplified management. Choosing the best ERP hosting provider for your business can help you enjoy the entire range of benefits.


1. Go4hosting: This industry leading web host is also known for offering ERP on cloud solutions. Some of their more popular solutions include Web ERP, OrangeHRM, Dolibarr, Odoo, FrontAccounting etc. These solutions will typically guarantee faster page loading speed. This web hosting provider will also use the bet software on their high-end enterprise grade servers in order to guarantee superb performance.

2. CtrlS: Businesses will automatically experience growth when they do not have to spend extra money on hardware, system utilizations, servers and other infrastructural needs. So, ERP on cloud from CtrlS can be a good choice for businesses to get low costs and high benefits. When you choose CtrlS for cloud ERP, you can enjoy world-class security features along with industry-leading solutions for enterprise-grade clouds. So, you can use their enterprise cloud services when you are keen to try out new businesses instead of having to spend a lot of money on operational costs.

3. CloudOYE: For businesses which want to cater to their end-users faster and wish to grow quickly, partnership with CloudOYE works out well. This is a premium cloud hosting services provider which is known far and wide. Whether it is ERP hosting, operations management, accounting, reporting etc, it allows companies to easily scale up their resources to grow smoothly. CloudOYE has a solid track record for offering high-end ERP solutions to government entities and blue chip companies, start-ups and both large and medium sized companies. They offer N+1 redundancy and their cloud-backed services can empower enterprises to grow at a rapid rate. They offer quick deployment and configuration for the ERP software and their cloud model has multiple layers of security for tackling threats. The company also hires industry leading professionals for managing ERP systems.

4. ComputeHost: Since most businesses are keen to adopt cloud technologies and offer customer-friendly solutions to their clients, they consider deploying cloud-based applications like the ERP. With cloud ERP solutions from ComputeHost, companies can get many deployment options like SaaS. Businesses can also turn to the cloud as and when the need arises. Data becomes accessible from any place and it can be moved at any time. The provider offers scalable solutions so that businesses can get more storage as and when required. The vendor also takes care of all necessary upgrades so that companies do not have to spend money on upgrading and maintaining applications like ERP.

5. Bluehost: This web hosting service provider has been offering industry leading hosting solutions, including cloud hosting to individuals, small and large businesses. It has come out with a variety of cloud hosting options and this enables businesses to grow seamlessly as they enjoy better access to resources. As far as ERP on cloud is concerned, Bluehost is known for offering flexible and scalable options.

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